Wastewater and Water Quality Management

Wastewater and Water Quality photo

Services Offered:

  • TPDES Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Permitting
  • Wastewater and Storm Water Sampling and Characterization
  • Design and Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • NPDES and TPDES Storm Water Permitting and Pollution Prevention Plan Preparation
  • Water Rights Permitting
  • Design of Pretreatment Systems
  • New Source Environmental Information Documents.

CJI’s staff can provide preliminary designs of industrial wastewater treatment systems and prepare federal (NPDES) and Texas (TPDES) wastewater and storm water discharge permit applications. Using its extensive experience and familiarity with the TCEQ, CJI can aid in negotiations to obtain reasonable and fair discharge limitations. CJI's staff also has the capability to evaluate existing wastewater treatment systems, integrate those systems with the RCRA hazardous waste regulations (if applicable) and assure the client of compliance with regulatory requirements. Projects have included design of pretreatment systems for the discharge of industrial wastewater to municipal sewer systems.